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Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Sprayer


Diaper Sprayer - Knickernappies

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The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking! It is especially helpful for babies eating solid foods. Complete pre-assembled kit fits in minutes with the smallest spray profile and multiple flow settings for minimum over-spray. Reinforced fittings for years of leak-free trouble free use. Great also for washing out toddler potties and potty training rings.

  • Brass fittings instead of plastic like other brands
  • Sturdy supply hose will not burst or leak
  • Complete shut-off valve (some other brands do not have this feature)

Instructions for rinsing out diapers: The diapers do not need to be soaking wet or sprayed completely clean. Hold the diaper with one hand and let it dangle in the toilet. It does not need to touch the toilet water. With the other hand, gently aim the spray at the diaper and let the water rinse the diaper until it's mostly clean. Let it drip for just a moment and then it can go into the diaper pail. Once you get the routine down, you can do this in just a few seconds and without getting your hands (or your bathroom!) wet.

Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Sprayer Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer
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The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is a complete kit fully assembled for your convenience. The complete package includes trigger operated sprayer, flow control valve, compression connectors, wall bracket (which hooks to side of toilet easily), screws, and anchors.

Backed by Knickernappies 1 year warranty!

Assembled in the USA.

Click here for Installation Instructions (also included with every sprayer)

Heather's Experience: I installed our diaper sprayer myself. (I told my husband I had to do it so I could let all my customers know how easy it was!) I timed myself and it took 6 minutes, including reading the instructions. The only requirement is an adjustable wrench or pliers.



Why buy a Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer?

Knickernappies Sprayer Install Instructions
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**Note, some homes have a 1/2" supply line (rather than the standard 3/8"). If this is the case, there is an adapter than can be purchased at hardware stores for under $5.

The brand name is Watts, It is Sku# A 118.
The detailed description is: Tube to Fip Coupling w/ Insert 3/8" X 1/2"

It will be in the plumbing section. It looks like a small nut. The smaller end screws onto the the connector of our sprayer and the larger end to the 1/2" supply line.

As this is not a compression nut you will need to apply sealing silicon tape before screwing it on to make sure there is no leaking.